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Residence Club

Chances are, at some point you’ve dreamed of owning a beautiful holiday home in a secluded spot… and with Natural Retreats you can. Our Residence Club is one of the simplest shared ownership schemes in the UK, at two of its finest locations. It’s surprisingly affordable too, and rather than being tied to one fixed week or location you have the flexibility to swap or rent it out.

The Benefits

Value For Money

The purchase pays for itself in just a few years in comparison to paying for full price holidays every year for the next 50 years.

A Holiday Every Year

Purchasing your week ensures constant availability every year, meaning you get the dates you want.

All Of The Perks

Linen, towels, toiletries and your welcome hamper are included in your purchased week every year – unheard of in most shared ownership products.

Personal Concierge

Shared Owners also have the benefit of having their own personal concierge, who can arrange everything from private chefs to balloons and birthday cake. Our dedicated team of lifestyle and travel professionals are there to meet all your needs, and with a wealth of hidden knowledge about the area they’re able to make each stay special. On-hand seven days a week, they can take care of everything from grocery shopping to restaurant recommendations, booking transport to arranging child care.

Safe Hands

Often owning your holiday home turns out to be a very time consuming, stressful purchase, which is why, shared ownership with Natural Retreats works so well. Natural Retreats operates the site and your holiday home 365 days a year. Only 25% of the residences available will only ever be part of the shared ownership programme so its really in our interests to maintain the site and your home to the highest standards. You couldn’t be in safer hands.

Exclusive Benefits

With our flexible exchange programme, shared owners can exchange their week at their chosen location to the same week at any other location in the Natural Retreats, Residence Club portfolio. Each location offers something extraordinary, from dramatic coastal settings to breath-taking valleys and everything in between. Alternatively, swap your week to a higher or lower season as a one-off or permanent change or rent the week out, courtesy of Natural Retreats. Shared owners also receive a 20% discount on any further Natural Retreats bookings made outside of purchased week.


What exactly do I own and how long do I own my property for?

You own the right to occupy the property during the same designated week each year for up until the end of December 2061. The right to occupy is granted by the trust company for the Natural Retreats Residence Club. 48 weeks in the property are being offered for sale with four weeks reserved for annual maintenance. The properties are built and ready to occupy.

What happens if I cannot use the week I own?

Natural Retreats Residence Club gives you total flexibility and peace of mind. If you cannot use your designated week/s we have two usage options available to you: EXCHANGE to another Retreat or another week. All you have to do is contact your dedicated concierge team and they will be able to assist. They will inform you of alternative dates available at the different retreats within the specific season of which your ownership week/s falls. Should you wish to upgrade into a higher season then there is an applicable fee. Should chose to downgrade into a lower season we may be able to offer you an additional week or number of nights.. We recommend you give us at least six months notice prior to the start of your designated week. Should you wish to exchange to a different week in the same season then this can also be arranged without any charge. RENT We recommend that you provide us with at least six months notice and we will use our best endeavors to rent your week/s for which you will receive the net proceeds from the rental income received. Unused weeks cannot be rolled over to the following year.

Are towels and linen provided and do you supply toiletries?

Yes. You will receive fresh towels, linens and toiletries upon arrival. Further clean towels and linens can be provided during your stay along with additional housekeeping services.

What other services are offered as part of the Natural Retreats Residence Club?

As well as the housekeeping upon arrival owners also receive a welcome hamper which include the necessary provisions to get your holiday off to a great start. In addition, owners will have access to the Concierge Team who can assist with tailoring your holiday to fit your own criteria including recommending activities and excursions as well as booking restaurants.

What does the Annual Service Charge cover?

The Annual Service Charge is paid annually in advance by owners and covers all of the services detailed above (including the welcome hamper. )The service charge also covers all property costs including utility bills, property reserves and replacements fund, as well as site maintenance and management, trust administration fees – basically your annual service charge covers all costs concerned with the ownership of the property. Annual service charges are estimated to increase in line with inflation and it is in the interest of the Management Team to maintain an efficient level of service.

Who runs the Natural Retreats Residence Club?

Natural Retreats Management and Concierge Teams will manage the day to day operations and usage of the residence club including onsite operations, usage, exchange and rentals.

Can I decorate my property?

No. All refurbishment and redecoration will be taken care of by the Management Team as part of the Annual Service Charge. Owners will be permitted to leave a small amount of personal belonging at their own risk which will be stored away following their departure and brought out prior to arrival.

What about breakages or damage? Who pays for these when ownership is shared?

The Annual Service Charge covers normal wear and tear damage and breakages. Any breakages outside normal wear and tear are the responsibility of the Residence Club member occupying the property at that time.

What time can I check into the property and when do I have to leave?

Check in is at 4:00pm and check out at 10:00am.

What happens if the property is unsuitable for occupancy during my week?

An alternative property of the same size and specification will be provided for you. Any damage will be repaired as quickly as possible.

Do you allow Pets?

Yes we have a selection of “pet friendly” properties as well as “pet free” ones in which we do not allow animals.

Smoking Policy

For the benefit of all owners we operate a strict no smoking policy in all our properties.

Who is permitted to use my property?

Owners and their immediate family are to be the main occupants of the property. Owners are welcome to invite guests to accompany them during their stay. Should an owner not be able to stay they can nominate friends or family members to stay on their behalf. The owner shall always remain liable for any damage caused during to the property during their designated week.

What if I want to sell my ownership?

Inform the Management or Concierge Team if you wish to sell and the marketing and sale will be handled exclusively by Natural Retreats Sales Team (sales commission will be applied.)

Purchase & Legal Considerations

What is the purchase process? Buyers will execute contracts and will then be granted a mandatory 14 day cooling off period before having to make payment. After the cooling off period buyers pay funds into an escrow account controlled by the trustees. Buyers then commence usage and receive an ownership certification granting the right to occupy. How secure is the purchase Using a specialist trust company to administrate the purchase and abiding by the industry regulations ensures consumer protection at all times. The right to occupy is issued by the trust company and funds are controlled by the trustee and are not released to the vendor until the completion of the purchase.

Should I take legal advice before I purchase Purchasers should feel free to consult a solicitor to advise them on purchasing at the Natural Retreats Residence Club. Natural Retreats can recommend a firm of solicitors if the purchaser does not have their own. If they desire copies of the purchase documentation will be available to all purchasers prior to completion.

Are there any legal costs to purchase? You will be liable for your own legal costs should you choose to consult a solicitor. There is no conveyancing involved in this purchase.

What if I change my mind after signing? Owners have a mandatory 14 day cooling off period after signing contracts and membership documentation which by law states that no monies can be taken from the owners until after this period has expired.

Finance If I purchase my week(s) through a finance option do I actually own it? If your purchase is financed separately, upon entering into this Purchase Agreement and having made the first loan repayment under the separate loan agreement, you will be granted a right of use of the Weekly Period(s) equivalent to that which You will enjoy on completion of Your purchase and this right of use will continue until your loan is fully repaid and you are confirmed as Owner by the Founder Owner, contingent upon your payment each year until repayment of the loan of an annual usage fee (“Annual Usage Fee”), which will be an amount equivalent to the Maintenance Fee You would pay as an Owner of the Weekly Period(s).